El Zocalo is the center square of our community, it is where all aspects of our life (faith, civic life, economy, and culture) meet, effect change and are repurposed to fit the needs of our community.  Our Nonprofit organization was officially established in 2023 and formed by community organizers coming from a diverse organizing tradition, to form an organization with the flexibility, wisdom, and vision to address the needs of our community.  Taking a holistic approach to organizing and taking our time to invest in the individual to form a communal approach to systematic change.  Zocalo learns from our history, our mistakes, embraces our healthy traditions, and utilizes the best concepts as cornerstones to build the life and society that we want to leave for generations to come.

El Zocalo is where our faith in our society is developed and restored.  Our faith and hope in ourselves and our community need to be developed every day, and we work on affirming our hope in better days through the development of each other.  We are in the business of selling hope, establishing confidence in our talents, and utilizing what we have to accomplish the impossible.  Zocalo supports each person’s faith, whether in organized religion, spirituality, and everything in between, in hopes that through our daily practices we all become better human beings.

Our Passion

We organize our community, in order to improve our lives in our workplace, our schools, our homes, our environment and our community.

Our Work

El Zocalo is the center for civic life, it is where people come to discuss, organize, march, rally, protest, influence policy, develop tactics, celebrate historical events, and inaugurations.  We understand that each community is unique, and how they are organized and mobilized in different ways.  We meet people where they are at and invest in their capacity to affect the change that they want to see within their respective neighborhoods.  The members that make up Zocalo have a long history of being the underdog, the marginalized, the oppressed, and this is why we know how to organize with limited resources and put up a good fight.  We do not claim to win ever fight, yet will put up a good fight against the injustices that our Zocalos face.

El Zocalo is where culture is lived.  Culture is not a place or a museum, it is a way of life, where we take art, music, dance, personal expression, daily practices and share them with our community.  We integrate our culture into everything we do and take the best parts and multiply them in the universe.  We feed the soul, through being ourselves and sharing with the world the beauty of color, sounds, materials, and our labor of love.

El Zocalo is where we build the economy that works for us.  People work every day to provide for their families, and it is not enough because the current laws, systems and players are stacked against them.  Zocalo fights for good jobs, economic sustainability, equity, and builds an economy that is sustainable.  We help to provide for the basic needs for people, while organizing to build an economy that provides for all us and does not destroy our planet.  These needs include, housing, healthcare, food equity and fair compensation.

El Zocalo is our home, where we love, where we struggle, where we create, where we sustain.  This is where we create the lives we want to live, within ourselves and within our society.  Zocalo is the intersectionality of the self and one’s community, we do not address one issue without acknowledging and working on all aspects of our selves.  Zocalo is where we build the self, Solidarity, and our community.

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